Hill Side Retreat

Our first location is at Palakkad, or Palghat, a district in Kerala. Palakkad district is known as the Granary of Kerala. It is a vast expanse of verdant plains interspersed with hills, rivers, mountain streams and forests.

Enliven Veda is located in a village of Palakkad district, called Kollengode. We are serenely nested in the valley of Nelliyampathy Hills and near Seetharkund waterfalls, amid a breath-taking 45 acres mango farm, ripe with green lush gardens, exotic fauna, 11000sqft natural pond,paddy fields around and a tranquil environment.

The rural life in Kollengode, untouched by the mighty hands of industrialization and much of the repulsive transformation of urban sophistication, offers a taste of added delight to people visiting here.