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History of Enliven Veda

The history begins from Kerala, the cradle of Ayurveda.
The Ayurveda tradition of ‘Sidhavaidyashramam’ by T.K.Narayanan Vaidyar & his wife Vaidyavidhushi Kamalakshi, handed over to the third generation nurtured with the concept of Enliven Veda.

Late Shri Narayanan Vaidyar- He was trained under Shri Ramanada Swami, who was the disciple of a well respected and devoted social reformer and educationalist Shri Narayana Guru in 1850’s. From then began the service of Sidhavaidyashramam.

Late Vaidyavidhushi Kamalakshy his wife was looking after the manufacturing of medicines as well as distribution in Sidhavaidyashramam. She stood aside with him in all means to bring up the institute to an Authentic Ayurveda Centre.

Dr Thejus and Dr Sruthi Thejus are the descendants (Grand children) of Shri T.K. Narayanan Vaidyar and Shrimati Kamalakshy, who meant to share the knowledge and experience acquired from the two generations through Enliven Veda.

Shri Narayana Guru (Left) Lord Dhanwantari (Centre) Shri Late T.K. Narayanan Vaidyar (Right)
Shrimati Late Vaidyavidushi Kamalakshy Narayanan